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The Arab Innovation Network (AIN) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to create an impact in the Arab world through empowering youth. AIN strives to: bridge the gap between academic, governmental, and private organisations; create a network of like-minded innovative Arabs; and direct research and development towards high priority issues.

So prepare yourself to join us on our voyage through the Arab world, and help us reshape innovation in the region today!


conference logo 2014 Registration door open for AINAC 2014. Early bird tickets only till 15.6.2014

AINAC is Back. This year in Abu Dhabi, UAE in the period of 27-28, Sep 2014. Click here to register

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Farah@Royaa Watch Ro’ya TV interview with AIN team about AINAC 2013

Dr. Mohamed Atari (AIN sponsorship executive) and Eng. Farah El-Taji (AIN finance coordinator) speaking about AINAC 2013 in the TV show “Donya ya Donya” on Ro’ya TV